1st International Way Of St. James Storty Competition

The Ávila Friends of the Camino de Santiago Association, in its effort to promote and revitalize the Way of St. James, particularly the Southeast or Levante Route, has organized the 1st INTERNATIONAL WAY OF ST. JAMES CHILDREN’S STORY COMPETITION, which is intended to arouse interest in the Camino among small children, while also introducing them to its intrinsic values of friendship, comradeship, assistance, endeavour, etc.


1) The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of nationality. The topic of the story must reflect the implicit values of the Way of St. James: spirituality, brotherhood, solidarity, hospitality, knowledge, respect and freedom.

2) The works must be submitted in Spanish. They must be unpublished and cannot have received a prize in any another competition. The maximum length is three sheets of DIN A4 paper.

3) Entrants must submit the following in a single envelope: three copies of the story, written on a typewriter or computer, in 12-point type, double-spaced, on single-sided A4 paper, without the signature or name of the author. Each page of the story must bear the title of the story and the pseudonym chosen by the author. The first envelope must have inside a second sealed envelope containing the information specified in point 4. The only things that may be written on the outside of this second sealed envelope are the title of the story submitted and the pseudonym. Stories sent by any other method than ordinary mail will not be accepted.

4) The following must be included inside the sealed envelope:

  • Author details (full name, age, identity card number, address, telephone, email address).
  • A signed statement that the work is unpublished and has not received a prize in any another competition, and that the rights have not been sold to any publisher anywhere in the world.
  • Signed authorization giving permission for the Ávila Friends of the Camino de Santiago of Association to publish the story, should it decide to, in any digital or print format (always indicating its authorship).

5) Works must be sent to:

Asociación Amigos del Camino de Santiago en Ávila
“I Concurso Internacional de Cuentos sobre el Camino de Santiago”
C/Gabriel y Galán nº 5 – 2º derecha.
05001 ÁVILA

6) The present call for submissions will be open from the time of its publication to 15 June 2017. Works postmarked on or before the closing date will be accepted. No works will be accepted after the closing date.

7) The jury will be appointed by the body calling the competition and will be made up of people associated with the world of art and culture.

8) The jury’s decision will be made public on 30 June 2017. It will be final and notification will be given by correspondence (personalized) and in the press. The prizes will be awarded on 22 July 2017 (closest Saturday to the feast day of St. James the Apostle), at a public event.

9) The prize may be left unawarded.

10) The following prizes are established:

First prize, €250
Second prize, €150
Third prize, €100

11) Each author must expressly waive their right to any sort of proprietary interest deriving from dissemination of their work by the Association.

12) No correspondence will be answered regarding the originals submitted. They will not be returned. Those not selected will be destroyed once the winners have been decided.

13) The fact of submitting works to this competition constitutes the author’s complete conformity with these rules. The interpretation of the same, or any aspect not set forth in them, shall be the responsibility of the jury.

14) Any work which does not comply with the stipulations set forth in these rules will be excluded from the competition.


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