The Roman mining Castros (Castro of A Lama and Castro of San Lourenzo: 15 and 16 September the XV XORNADAS do Camiño de Inverno pola Ribeira Sacra this year will be dedicated to the municipality of A Pobra do Brollon, under the title held -Cereixa) and the ancient cellars of Vilachá of Salvadur (XVIII and XIX) in A Poabra Brollón.

Association Winter Trail by Ribeira Sacra, organizer of the event aims each year organizes these Xornadas to value those heritage resources of artistic, historical, cultural, ethnographic, landscape … revolving around Winter Trail and concello of the Ribeira Sacra that the days are dedicated each year. For this we have the support of own concello of A Pobra do Brollon and archaeologists Jose Gago and Ayán Xurxo Castro of San Lourenzo- Association Mary Chestnut.

With the discovery and appreciation of Castro of San Lourenzo -Cereixa, located at the foot of the winter road, we believe it is a summative element of the rich heritage of this route so that the Association wanted to publicize the latest advances in his discoveries in these cultural Xornadas, besides the ancient cellars of Vilachá constituting a single etmográfico set in Galicia. And without missing the walking tours of this concello; one by the Winter Trail and forth between the terraced vineyards of Val dos Frades, along the river Sil.

The program as seen in the poster begins on the 15th, Saturday from 16:30 leading participants by bus to Vilachá from where the walk will begin down the left bank of the river Sil to Augasmestas (8km) by the so-called Val dos Frades, among terraced vineyards so typical of the Sil canyons on the Ribeira Sacra. Then you return to Vilacha where they will be greeted by the Mayor and will be guided by the wineries and tasting local produce with a wine Ribeira Sacra tour. All enlivened by Cantar do Cego on Atilano.

Day 16, Sunday, the participants will leave by bus to Barxa of Lor, where the beautiful ridged bridge of Romanesque origin, the waters of the river Lor and has been found documentation about its importance for pilgrims in winter rises when snow covered Cebreiro summits. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the Winter Trail separating the concellos de Quiroga of A Pobra do Brollon and where there is a panel with a road map for this concello who installed the Asociaición del Camino Winter 2005 . from here a walking tour will start by the winter road, passing through the Castro Lama, at the foot of a Roman mine, to a Pobra do Brollon (7km) where you will stop for a snack and to see adapted sports hall facilities as solidarity pilgrim hostel. march, 3 km more to the Castro of San Lourenzo de Cereixa, located next to the road, where participants will enjoy, with great detail, a guided tour of the excavations by archaeologists in charge of the project will resume.

After lunch, the last visit will be mine A Veneira of Roques, ending the XV Xornadas do Camiño de Inverno by A Pobra do Brollon.

Participants as reflected in the cartel, have several options to participate; or two days or just one of them.

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