St. James trip in Lithuania

Due to St. James ways in Lithuania (Kaunas –Lazdijai) opening, we are inviting to seven days trip. We will be walking, communicating, meeting native people and admiring a beautiful nature of Lithuania. We will commemorate one hundred anniversary of Lithuanian independence and the establishment of St. James ways in Lithuania, which join the European route leading to Santiago de Compostela.

General information:

The length of the trip – seven days;
Total distance – about 200 km;
The distance of one day trip – 25-30 km;
The beginning of the trip – Pazaislis monastery (T. Masiulio str. 31, Kaunas);
Arriving to the starting point – May 27 from 5 till 9 p.m. Pazaislis monastery (T. Masiulio str. 31, Kaunas);
A final registration, short instruction, passports of pilgrims and maps will be given.
End of the trip – June 2 (Lazdijai central square).

Places of accommodation:

Dauksiagire (Pakuonis), Prienai, Punia, Alytus, Miroslavas, Meteliai, Lazdijai.
The night before the trip the pilgrims can spent in Pazaislis monastery recollection centre or in a hotel Baltos bures (R.Kalantos str. 124, Kaunas).
Registration – it’s compulsory to register filling the special registration form.
The maximum number is 50 people because of sleeping places. The participants register individually. Till May 15 are registered only these pilgrim’s who are going to walk for seven days. From May 16, if there are places, other participants will be registered who want to go only several days. This is the registration form:

Preliminary trip budget for 1 person:

Accommodation for one night: 8-12 €/person.
Food : supper+ breakfast(organized) 8-10 €/person.

The places where the supper will not be served catering will be introduced.
There aren’t any payment in advance, the money is given to the owners of particular service.
The end of the trip June 2, Lazdijai. You will appear at the festival of Lazdijai town “Border fiesta”
Detailed information of the trip will be sent to everybody who registered by email.

The organizes and partners of the event:

Camino Lituano Community
The Association of municipalities of St. James ways in Lithuania
The Association of the friends of St. James ways in Lithuania
Municipalities of Alytus city and region, Lazdijai region, Birstonas region, Prienai region, Kaunas city and region.

All information about route and maps you can find : and Our contacts:

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