Pilgrimage from Finchale Abbey to Durham Cathedral (United Kingdom)

The walk, from Finchdale Abbey to Durham Cathedral, will retrace the steps of the ‘Way of St James’, which was an important pilgrimage during the Middle Ages, and will take place on Saturday 17 March. The pilgrimage leads to the shrine of St James in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela.

Christians travelling from Northern Europe and Scandinavia would often arrive by sea and travel to Finchale Priory to learn from St Godric about the pilgrimage route.

The walk from Finchale Priory to Durham cathedral would be, for many, the start of this holy pilgrimage walk. This segment of the walk is recognised by the Xacobeo, the St James’ way authorities, as a recognised portion of ‘The English Way’; one of several routes by which pilgrims can reach Santiago de Compostela.

Durham County Council, which is facilitating the walk, will also be providing transport from County Hall to Finchale Abbey for the start of the walk.

Cllr Ossie Johnson, Cabinet member for tourism, culture, leisure and rural issues, said: “What makes this walk particularly special is that the Xacobeo, who are the guardians of the pilgrim’s way to the tomb of St James, have officially recognised that the distance between Finchdale and Durham Cathedral contributes to the 100km of travelling required to receive a ‘Compostela’; which is a certificate of the completion of the pilgrimage.

“As well as this, the walk, which is organised by the Friends of the Camino route at Finchale, will coincide with our annual St Cuthbert’s Day celebrations in Durham.”

Fuente: Durham County Council.

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