The exhibition on Master Mateo is inaugurated, the first show at the Prado Museum devoted to a Galician artist

Curated by Ramón Yzquierdo Peiró, the show – which will be open to visitors from 29 November until 26 March of next year – brings together for the first time in one place several pieces of the artist’s legacy that once formed part of groups and areas of Santiago Cathedral that no longer exist. These include the medieval façade and stone choir that once occupied the nave.

The four sections that make up the exhibition – Master Mateo, The Façade of the Portico of lana Gloria, The Stone Choir of the Cathedral and The Cathedral, Portico of Galicia – allow visitors to take a complete tour of the artist’s work on the cathedral, from 1168 to the consecration of the church in 1211. In addition, the show provides an opportunity to restore pieces that require conservation work, such as the statue/columns of David and Solomon from the Obradoiro façade, and carry out additional study and research on them.

Through sculptural works that have come down to us after a long journey through time, demonstrating that there are experiences which never lose their relevance, visitors will discover that 12th-century Galicia was a focal point of innovation and culture for the West. And they will find that Master Mateo – one of the most important artists, who left a truly lasting mark on the history of art – can thus be considered a contemporary.

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