The Xacobeo calls for grants for associations of friends of the Way of Saint James

The Sociedade Anónima de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo, foresees, in its social object the relations with the associations of friends of the Way of Saint James. Collaboration with these entities is considered to be key at different levels, as they are historically the most relevant factor of revitalisation from the civil society of the Way and its routes, both in Galicia and in the rest of Spain and other countries in the world.
Applications must be submitted electronically using the standard form available at the website of the Regional Government of Galicia,

If any of the interested persons submit their application in person, they will be required to amend it through their electronic submission. For these purposes, the date on which the amendment was made will be considered as the date of submission of the application.

For the submission of applications, any of the identification and signature mechanisms admitted by the electronic site of the Regional Government of Galicia may be used, including the user system and password Chave365 ( for which a link is enabled in the Guide of Procedures and Services with the code CT300A.

In the case of foreign associations or entities (Associations of Friends of the Way of St. James and other entities whose purpose is the promotion of the Way of St. James and its pilgrimage) in order to proceed with the application and processing by electronic means will appoint a representative with digital signature in Spain.

The deadline for submission of applications will be one month from the day following the publication of this order in the Official Gazette of Galicia. If the last day of the period is a non-working day, it shall be understood to be extended to the first following working day.

The terms and conditions may be consulted at the headquarters of the Sociedade Anónima de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo, on the website, or by calling 881 996264 / 881 996265.

DOG No. 91, Page 23366, Tuesday, 14 May 2019

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