The Xunta de Galicia announces the 2019 Camino de Santiago Awards 🗓

The Xunta de Galicia has just convened the new edition of the 2019 Camino de Santiago Awards, as published today in the Diario Oficial de Galicia (DOG) journal, which recognises progress and commitment in the Jacobean field of various groups at both national and international level, including public and private actions designed to conserve and improve the Camino de Santiago, but also research and work that influences its dissemination.

The awards convened by the Regional Ministry of Culture and Tourism are divided into four categories: the first distinguishes the actions carried out by city councils, city council groups, associations, local consortia and metropolitan areas of Galicia through which any of the officially declared routes of the Camino de Santiago run.

The second category awards the actions carried out by the associations of friends of the Camino de Santiago. As a new feature compared to previous years, two sub-categories are established: national associations and international associations. The third line distinguishes the activities undertaken by natural or legal persons constituted in a civil or commercial form and jointly owned entities that fall within the definition of small and medium enterprises.

Finally, the fourth recognises academic, research, or education initiatives or activities, on the one hand including the sub-category of research work undertaken by universities, research centres or similar and, on the other hand, the sub-category featuring educational work by non-university education centres of the Galician Community.

The call for entries is performed on a competitive basis and two awards are established for the first and third categories, the first of 15,000 euros and the second of 5,000 euros. In the second category there is a prize of 10,000 euros for the sub-category of national associations and a further 10,000 euros for the award-winning international association. In the fourth category, 10,000 euros is allocated for the first sub-category and 5,000 euros for the second, which corresponds to the work in non-university education centres of the Galician Community. Those interested in competing in these awards can consult the competition specifications as well as the specific documentation to submit and the deadlines in the DOG.

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