Turismo de Galicia presents the guide “Places Associated with St. James in Compostela and the Surrounding Area”

Turismo de Galicia presents the guide Places Associated with St. James in Compostela and the Surrounding Area, which includes the most important or unique locations associated with the world of pilgrimage. This publication provides an overview of the many connections with St. James which can be found in the destination of the Way of St. James and its neighbouring municipalities. It offers a total of sixteen itineraries, which will allow visitors to learn more about the world of St. James and the origins of the Way of St. James.

The guide begins with a visit to the ancient gates of the city of Santiago, San Domingos de Bonaval Monastery and Santa María do Camiño Church, and then continues on to Casas Reais Street, A Quintana Square and Antealtares Convent.

The third itinerary in this informative publication centres on Santiago de Compostela Cathedral itself. This is followed by the entrances and façades of the basilica, the cathedral spaces most closely linked to the pilgrimage to Santiago and Europe’s great place of assembly, Obradoiro Square. From there, it takes us from the Franciscan convent to San Martiño Pinario Monastery and from Mazarelos Square to Solovio Church.

One of the sections is also devoted to St. James and his pilgrims in the streets of Compostela, another to Alameda Park, and yet another to Santa María do Sar Church, Santa María de Conxo Monastery and A Rocha Vella Castle.

Moving away from the centre of Compostela, the guide explores the Jacobean connections at Monte do Gozo. The final sections delve into the importance of the surrounding area, with Mount Pedroso, Sacro Peak and Iria Flavia, ending with Santiaguiño do Monte and Padrón.

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