ULTREYA PROJECT – Study on the effects of the Way of St. James on health and wellbeing

In July of this year, several universities and health centres in Spain and Brazil, with the assistance of the Northern Route Friends of the Way of St. James associations, began the first large-scale study to evaluate the effects of the Way of St. James on health and wellbeing. Anyone intending to begin the Camino (any of the routes) soon or who is currently doing the pilgrimage route is therefore invite to complete an online questionnaire collecting a range of information on different aspects related to psychological wellbeing. The study will be live throughout all of 2017 and half of 2018. To participate, just visit the project website http://estudiocamino.org/ to access the questionnaire. To date, almost 400 pilgrims have participated, but more than 1000 must take part in order for the results to be solid.

Many of the people who have done the Camino talk about how it benefits health and mental wellbeing. This study will make it possible to better understand what these effects are and how they occur.

Participate and/or share and/or spread the word about the project!

Source: Ultreya Project

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