VIVE O CAMIÑO. Theatre, humour and music on the Way of St. James.

Over the next two months, this cultural programme will provide a vehicle for conveying the values of the Way of St. James to both people doing the pilgrimage route and the Galician population. The free shows and concerts included in Experience the Camino will showcase the English Route – which has already been travelled by 7,600 people so far this year, making it the fifth most popular choice – and the Fisterra–Muxía Route.

The programming for the Experience the Camino initiative, intended to promote and highlight the English Route and the Fisterra–Muxía Route, will bring music and theatre to the streets and squares of the 27 municipalities that make up these pilgrimage routes of the Way of St. James in the province of A Coruña. Experience the Camino will spread the spirit of the pilgrimage through the performing arts and music during the months of August and September.

The activities will be accompanied by a travelling exhibition about these two routes.

Dous no Camiño (Two on the Camino) is a performance by Fran Rei and Isabel Risco, directed by Avelino González from the text by Roi Vidal and Xurxo Barcala. It depicts two pilgrims walking and discovering the different spots along the English Route and the Fisterra–Muxía Route as they pass through each of the towns on the way. In addition, along the same lines as Dous no Camiño, Fran Rei and Isabel Risco will present another performance, created and directed by them, in municipalities and at some pilgrim hostels, in which they will interact with citizens and people doing the pilgrimage in each location. In this performance, Athanasius and Theodore, the two disciples of St. James who transported his remains to Galicia by sea, find themselves lost following a journey through time lasting several centuries. They are surprised by the elements of modern life they find, while at the same time discovering that the essential aspects of the Way of St. James – its natural surroundings, scenery and monuments – have not changed.

Adding a musical touch to the programme will be the group Caxade, a personal folk–pop project of Alonso Caxade.

Click here for programming on the English Route!

Click here for programming on the Fisterra–Muxía Route!

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