Who may do the St. James Way?

The St. James Way is a route that thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit nowadays, on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The Camino is always available for anyone who wants to travel. However, good preparation, physical and mental, is very important when we want to face this challenge.

Even if the trip does not demand special physical conditions to do it, it is recommended to be in good shape. Walking the Way is not an activity that we are used to, since we don´t walk dozens of kilometres in our daily routine. This is an activity that can bring bad consequences if we do not carry out a previous preparation for at least six weeks. During this time we have to follow a training plan, that goes from a low to a higher intensity level.

Some people ask if it can be done at any age, and the answer is yes. Of course, doing the physical preparation just mentioned.

On the other hand it is important to bear in mind that we should adapt our route, stages and breaks to our physical and mental condition. A very positive aspect of the Camino is that there are infinite ways of doing it, and that we will always find one adapted to us.

That is why there are people who plan stages with several days of rest between each, and others who do it during twenty days without stopping. There are people who plan 15 kilometre routes and others who plan routes of 30. Likewise, there are people who only need a six hours rest to sleep and are fine in a sleeping bag in a hostel, and others who prefer to stay in any hostel or hotel with more comfort.

The most important thing is to remember that we do not have to afford aims we aren’t prepared for. There is no hurry and Santiago de Compostela will always receive us.

So remember, there is a Way for everybody. Do you already know which one is yours?

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