100 Ways in 100 Stories: short stories to Santiago đź—“

The Camino de Santiago is an experience that marks each pilgrim who walks its trails for whatever reason, but for each and every one of us life has changed …

​I mean It is these experiences, experiences, sorrows and joys that we want to capture in this project “100 Ways in 100 Stories: short stories to Santiago”.

I mean Words create realities, they remind us of moments, they bring us to the present emotions and sensations of yesterday.

​I mean 100 Caminos en 100 Relatos wants to be a showcase for their experiences and a company for pilgrims who want to do the Camino or are already on it.

Summons: Círculo Chileno de Amigos do Camiño de Santiago de Compostela

Bases and submissions of stories: until May 31

Máis información: https://www.caminosantiago.cl




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