The Maestro Mateo is the leading Galician artist to whom the Museo del Prado dedicates an exhibition

Portico of Glory
Portico of Glory

With its curator Ramón Yzquierdo Peiró  the exhibition ‘Maestro Mateo’ can be visited until January 2017 in the Museo Nacional del Prado, which will make it possible to disseminate and give international relevance of the person who i, in the words of the Assistant Director of the Museo del Prado, Miguel Falomir, “the greatest sculptor born in Spain”.

This is an exhibition which brings together diverse pieces of the heritage of the Maestro Mateo, currently in the hands of several private institutions and collectors; through which a complete tour is made of the work of the Maestro in the Cathedral of Santiago from1168 to 1211. In total 10 pieces and another 8 pieces of materials are exhibited, among which documents and several graphic and textual materials are regarding the Cathedral of Compostela and its restoration.


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