100 Ways in 100 Stories: short stories to Santiago 🗓

The Camino de Santiago is an experience that marks each pilgrim who walks its trails for whatever reason, but for each and every one of us life has changed …

​I mean It is these experiences, experiences, sorrows and joys that we want to capture in this project “100 Ways in 100 Stories: short stories to Santiago”.

I mean Words create realities, they remind us of moments, they bring us to the present emotions and sensations of yesterday.

​I mean 100 Caminos en 100 Relatos wants to be a showcase for their experiences and a company for pilgrims who want to do the Camino or are already on it.

Summons: Círculo Chileno de Amigos do Camiño de Santiago de Compostela

Bases and submissions of stories: until May 31

Máis información: https://www.caminosantiago.cl




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