Exhibition: VÍA IACOBITANA. The Ways of Santiago in Galicia 🗓

The Via Iacobitana Exhibition is a new expression of contemporary creativity linked to the Jacobean culture. Several Galician photographers became temporary pilgrims and travelled the Ways of Santiago, and with their particular way of seeing things, display the personal sensations which the route chosen suggested to them. The vision of the surrounding countryside, always changing depending on season, variable depending on the atmospheric conditions and the light, added to the experience of the pilgrimage itself and the cultural legacy it has stored up, with a presence in each of the ways, their rich historical heritage and the pilgrims who each year travel the Way of Saint James which leads us to Compostela.

In their images each one of these artists brings together a world which passes and also remains, living ways, filled with evocations and proposals. Pilgrimage routes to Santiago within the reach of all who become pilgrims and who wish to feel in their flesh a thousand year experience which binds them to a unique, sacred geography, to a universal, open itinerary, cradle of western culture and the refined expression of a civilisation advancing.

Once again, the images proposed by Via Iacobitana display the multiform essence of the Camino de Santiago, the generous and open meaning of the Jacobean pilgrimage, its inexhaustible and magnetic power of seduction. The artistic sensitivity and professionalism of the photographers who participate in the exhibition, captivated by the power and the values of a unique experience, forge a new iconographic legacy which transcends the ephemeral instant in which each photograph is made, in order to form part of a durable group, or Jacobean legacy, a treasure in a permanent state of recreation and renovation.

Venue: Exhibition Hall of El Episcopio. Ávila

Dates: From October 18 to 30, 2019

Organised by: Asociación de Amigos del Camino de Santiago de Ávila

Collaboration of: Consellería de Cultura e Turismo. Xunta de Galicia

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